San José Valdeflórez

A Strategic Project for the Future of Extremadura

The project is based on the creation of an industrial plant in Cáceres dedicated to processing the lithium extracted from the Valdeflórez deposit. The mineral will be completely processed in the adjacent plant until it is converted into lithium hydroxide, an irreplaceable and essential component in the manufacture of rechargeable ion-lithium batteries and in particular, the lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles.

San José Valdeflórez
San José Valdeflórez - Español

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Discover San José Valdeflórez, a sustainable lithium project respecting the environment and supporting the development of electric mobility in Europe. Thanks to the drone footage of our site and digital modelling, visualize the mining deposit, the industrial plant or the continuous rehabilitation of the land.


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A new image for a new era. San José Valdeflórez presents itself to the world with new esthetics, a reflection of an improved, sustainable project with more employment and investment and strongly committed to making the Extremadura region a leader in the energy transition of the European Union. 

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