An Industrial Hub with Great Economic Future for Extremadura

San José Valdeflórez is an integral state-of-the-art industrial project designated to process the lithium of the Caceres deposit in Valdeflórez. The mineral will be extracted by means of a very advanced industrial process and without any risk to the environment and it will be completely processed at the adjacent plant until it is converted into lithium hydroxide, an essential component ready for the manufacture of rechargeable lithium ion batteries and in particular, the lithium ion batteries used in electric vehicles. Estimates foresee supplying 10 million vehicles thanks to which is calculated as the second greatest deposit of lithium in Europe.

The project will boast an initial investment of 280 million Euros of which 83% will be designated to the industrial plant. The extraction of lithium will last for 19 years while its processing will endure longer, that is up to 30 years. At its peak operations, it will create approximately 1000 jobs annually of which almost 200 will be direct.

The activity that this plant will perform will allow it to transform the zone into an industrial hub with a great economic future for Extremadura. The project has the potential to attract the establishment of not only companies with multiple activities related to the non-contaminating manufacture of electric batters and state-of-the-art automobile activities, but also companies related to the development of storage of the electricity network, a rapidly growing sector and required in order to sustain the objectives of renewable energy in the European Union. 

━ The second largest lithium deposit in Europe

The ultimate objective is to supply lithium-ion rechargeable batteries used in electric vehicles.