Discover San José Valdeflórez, a sustainable lithium project respecting the environment and supporting the development of electric mobility in Europe. Thanks to the drone footage of our site and digital modelling, visualize the mining deposit, the industrial plant or the continuous rehabilitation of the land.

The Project

San José Valdeflórez

San José Valdeflórez is a comprehensive, state-of-the art, industrial project, designated to process the lithium of the Caceres deposit in Valdeflórez. The mineral will be extracted by means of a very advanced industrial process and without any risk to the environment. It will be processed completely in the adjacent plant until it is converted into lithium hydroxide, an essential component ready for the manufacture of rechargeable lithium ion batteries and in particular, those used in electric vehicles.


direct and indirect jobs per year


investment in the initial phase of the project


years is the time the operation phase will last


million electric vehicles will be supplied by San José Valdeflórez

San José Valdeflórez is an industrial project that foresees an investment of 280 million Euros

Lithium, a strategic mineral

Lithium is an essential and strategic mineral on a world level due to being key for the current development of renewable energies. This mineral is the essential and irreplaceable raw material for the manufacture of batteries for electronic devices, energy storage and to an even greater extent, electric automobile batteries. Global forecasts indicate that the consumption of lithium will multiply by 8 from the present time until 2030.

Reproduction of how the industrial plant would look, in its location, made on a real photograph of the land.

The Support of the European Union

Upon its transformation into one of the principal, sustainable and low-cost sources in Europe for the production of lithium batteries, San José Valdeflórez will contribute to the European Union occupying a prominent position in the development of alternative energies and the global campaign against climate change.

The Environment

San José Valdeflórez is a sustainable project, based on the idea of maximum respect for the environment and conceived as to minimize the impact on the environment, the flora and fauna of the surroundings. Possible downsides have been analyzed in detail and protection measures, corrections and rehabilitation of the effected site have been proposed. With the aim of safeguarding and co-existing with the environment, the project will go further than that which is required by the European regulatory framework.

Creation of Employment

The project will create up to 310 employment positions during the construction phase (2 years) while it will require 195 employees annually during the extraction (40) and operation of the plant (155). In addition to this direct injection into the local economy, around 800 indirect jobswill be produced, which will arise from activities such as maintenance, logistics, consulting and security. Moreover, San José Valdeflórez is committed to quality employment with remuneration that is much higher than the regional average and involving constant training.

Commitment to Extremadura

The company will reinvest part of the profits in development plans to improve the environment and the quality of life of Cáceres residents. Throughout the development of the project, it will maintain an open dialogue with the various social agents in order to listen to their needs and fine-tune those aspects that improve the well-being of Cáceres residents in regard to social, environment and employment issues, thereby contributing to the training of young people, the quality of life of citizens and the creation of a better and more stimulating environment.