Competing for the leadership of China

The automobile industry faces a critical moment before which it must be capable of attracting and guaranteeing the investments of manufacturers. In Spain, the second largest manufacturer of vehicles in the EU, automation involves 10% of the national GNP.

Europe, a historical automobile leader, seeks to end its clear disadvantage from not producing lithium within its borders: it has delayed the implementation of battery factories, a lynchpin for the transformation of the industry. With this objective, the major manufacturers are taking action: to head off the undisputed Chinese leadership, Volkswagen has announced an investment of 1 billion to construct a battery factory, which shows that access to raw materials is a key element. 

The European authorities wish to contribute to reversing this situation. The European Commission is financing initiatives through the European Bank of Investments and is encouraging transborder cooperation. The European Battery Alliance stands in the spotlight as a coordinated effort, together with administrations and companies, that is starting to develop battery factories and various projects on the continent and that has already expressed its support for San José Valdeflórez. 

Furthermore, in light of growing commercial tensions, more and more voices warn of the concentration of the production arising from lithium in a limited number of countries: China, Chile and Argentina. The major European automobile manufacturers want to reduce the risk in their supply chain by relying on local sources within the EU.

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The European Battery Alliance, an ambitious effort coordinated by administrations and companies has already expressed its support for San José Valdeflórez.